Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Out of the desert: and we even saw some whales

Total so far: 400 miles (644 km)

We have made it out of the desert and all the way to Guerro Negro. We were in the desert for about 5 days dealing with high headwinds and the sun and some pretty big climbs. It was a goodtime regardless, but we were really happy to be in a place to get some beer and to work on our taco count. It had been slacking for a few days due to the lack of anything in the desert, so yesterday we ate 48 tacos. Today we are taking the day off and some of us went whale watching, which actually turned out to be pretty cool. Here are some pictures. Sorry for the blandness of the updates, we will update the writing for this journal when we get back. Hope everyone is doing well, things in Mexico are great.

Tomorrow we are going to start biking to the Sea of Cortez side of the we will try to update from there.

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